Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we laminate to digitally printed material?
A: Yes, this must be noted at the time of the quote because it requires a special film

Q: Do you have a minimum order?
A: No

Q: Are samples available?
A: Yes, at no charge with many in stock and available for same day shipment or send us your material and we will produce them for you.

Q: What are your size limitations?
A: 60” width by any length sheet for PSA and OVERLAM applications and 50” width by any length sheet for all thermal film applications.

Q: Can we use aqueous coatings?
A: Yes, as long as it is a PRIMER aqueous which will accept lamination. When in doubt, check with your supplier

Q: Can we use powder?
A: If using powder, you should powder pass both sides of your sheet before sending for lamination.

Q: How do I purchase floor graphic material?
A: When floor graphic material is sourced all material (top and base sheets) must be purchased from the same supplier to ensure the indemnity clause.

Q: Is there a Dry Erase lamination?
A: Yes, it is an OPP Polypropylene film (OPP=Dry Erase).

Q: Can you laminate one side only?
A: Yes, Layflat (Nylon) film is recommended on thinner stock.

Q: What is the difference between a flush trim vs. an edge seal?
A: A flush trim is when the lamination does not exceed the edge of your sheet vs. an edge seal where the lamination will extend beyond the edge of the sheet usually by 1/8” or per your specification.

Q: What information do I need to be supplied an accurate quote?
A: Sheet size, Image area (final trim size), paper stock and how it is printed, offset or digital, along with film finish, thickness and whether it is to laminate one side or two.

Edge Seal – lamination film extends past the edge of printed sheet, generally 1/8”.  This is only possible with film on 2 sides.  1.5 mil is the thinnest film used for an edge seal.

Flush – Lamination is applied to press sheets that are larger than the finished piece size.  Sheet is then trimmed to finished size. This allows the lamination to be all the way to the piece edge. Flush trim is available for one and two side lamination